The Trust for Public Land Adding Sixth Neighborhood Park to The 606

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June 23, 2014


New Four-Acre Access Park Planned for Bloomingdale Trail’s West End

The Trust for Public Land has announced the final land acquisition for The 606 park and trail system on Chicago’s northwest side, adding a new access park adjacent to the western trailhead. The non-profit, which serves as project manager on behalf of the Chicago Park District, coordinating fundraising, community engagement, land acquisition and park development, has entered into $2.975 million agreement to acquire the Magid Glove factory at 1800 N. Ridgeway Avenue.

The sixth ground-level neighborhood park connected to the Bloomingdale Trail would add more than four additional acres of park space to Logan Square, the second most park-poor community in Chicago. The non-profit held a public meeting on Saturday to discuss the project with the community and seek their input on the park’s development and design.

“We are very excited to be adding additional park space to the west end of The 606,” said Beth White, director of The Trust for Public Land’s Chicago Office, which. “We thank the generous donors who continue to support The 606 vision for connecting communities. Thanks to this ongoing commitment, crews are hard at work on Chicago’s next great park.”

Prior to completing the acquisition, The Trust for Public Land will commission an environmental analysis and begin the community design process, as it did with the Bloomingdale Trail and other access parks for The 606.   The Chicago Park District will take ownership of the new park, which will open in a later stage of the development of The 606.

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About The 606
The 606 takes Chicago’s legacy of great parks to new heights. This Northwest side project is transforming nearly three miles of unused rail line into the elevated Bloomingdale Trail, linked to five ground-level neighborhood parks, as well as various art installations and other amenities. The park and trail system is named for the 606 zip code prefix all Chicagoans share. Set above city streets, it will serve as both an urban oasis and a new way to explore Chicago on trails for biking, running, and strolling. The 606 also connects parks, people, classrooms and communities; what once physically separated four neighborhoods now will knit them together and attract visitors from throughout Chicago and beyond. It is yet another Chicago icon that brings together innovative urban planning, green space, and the arts. The 606 will change the way you see our city.
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About The Trust for Public Land
The Trust for Public Land creates parks and protects land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. Nearly ten million people live within a ten-minute walk of a Trust for Public Land park, garden, or natural area, and millions more visit these sites every year. Learn more at