Winter Weather

**Winter weather update**
The Chicago Park District will remove snow and keep the center of the trail clear when there is a minor snowfall. When the path is being cleared, please be advised, the full width of the trail cannot be cleared to protect rubber running surfaces on the edges. In order to protect the trail and plants, only a brush can be used to remove snow and a solution called CMA in place of salt to stop ice from forming. Please steer clear of snow removal crews.

In the event of a significant snowfall (ranging from 3-6 inches and dependent on additional factors such as wind and snow wetness), the Chicago Park District will not remove snow in efforts to promote winter activities. Please keep in mind winter sports (snowshoeing, cross country skiing) are only allowed and encouraged on the trail when snow exceeds 3 inches. Visit or call 312.742.4622 for up-to-date information. Click here for answers to frequently asked questions.