For the Love of Stars

Exelon Observatory, 1800 N Ridgeway (3750 W)


Jupiter will be prominent in our skies, so large that 1321 Earths could fit within the massive planet. The Beehive star cluster in Cancer will display beautifully in telescopic eyepieces. The Binary star system of Alcor & Mizar in the handle of the Big Dipper will test the eyesight of sky lovers
Near the end of our observation session, the waxing Moon is in conjunction with the Red Giant star Antares, rising at 9:43 pm. On this date, the Moon will be the farthest from Earth, (Apogee) at 252,358 miles away. Also, Libration wobble will tip the lunar South Pole toward Earth for a peek of areas usually hidden. Telescopes will bring the lunar surface up close for exploration.

Sunset 8:01 pm

Weather permitting