For the Love of Stars

Exelon Observatory, 1800 N. Ridgeway


Join us at the Exelon Observatory on the Bloomingdale Trail, 1800 N. Ridgeway Ave, for a celestial viewing with our resident astronomer, Joe Guzman.

May brings pleasant temps for Stargazing at the 606 Bloomingdale trail.  The waxing Moon greets our session early on, making for an excellent target in our telescopes.  The 38% lunar phase displays a good “Terminator” – the line between light and dark.  This allows viewing of craters, mountains and basins on the Moon with a sharp definition and contrast.  The Moon this night, will pass very close to the “Beehive Star Cluster” – M44….a rare treat to observe.

From the Big Dipper’s handle, we will “Arc to Arcturus and Speed to Spica”, two very bright stars in our reddish, old and sluggish and the other silver white, young and vibrant.

The Constellation Hercules is rising and along with it, the Great Open Star Cluster M13, where millions of stars have assembled.

In case of course inclement weather, event
will take place on Friday, May 17.