Go Run Chicago

Walsh Park, 1800 N. Ashland, Chicago, IL 60602

‘Go Run Chicago is a series of organized Saturday morning community runs open to everyone interested in coming out to their neighborhood park to race, run, jog, walk or volunteer. Long-time runners, new comers, families and children are invited to take part. Register in advance at www.gorunchicago.org or on site and learn about other ‘Go Runs throughout Chicago.


Who can participate?

‘Go Runs are open to anyone wo wants to race, run, jog, or walk a 1 mile or 5 K in their local park. Those under 18 must have their parent or guardian sign the participation waiver.


Can I bring my kids?

Yes, ‘Go Runs are open to all ages. Parents/Guardians area responsible for the supervision and safety of their children. If your children are 10 or under please accompany your child throughout the run.


Can I run with a dog?

Yes, if your dog is friendly and well behaved in large groups you’re welcome to bring your dog. Please have your dog on a lease, abide by all Chicago Park District regulations as also please line up behind other participants at the start.


Do I need to register for each run individually?

No, you only need to register once for each ‘Go Run seasonal series. Once you have registered for the current series you are registered for every ‘Go Run in the series. Runners may not run under another runner’s registration at any time.