Walk With Light


Peoples Promenade

Make The 606 glow with light you wear or carry—an LED candle, glow sticks, or a string of lights you fasten to your jacket, stroller, or dog leash. (No open flames, please.)


4:30 – 5:00 @ The Bloomingdale Trail at Spaulding Avenue

  • Participate in interactive unveiling of Jenny Kendler’s “Birds Watching” art installation on the Bloomingdale Trail.
  • Enjoy a fire pit and make lanterns with Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail.
  • Join a festive walk from Spaulding to Churchill with Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail.


4:30-5:30 @ The Bloomingdale Trail

  • Wear your lights and use the Bloomingdale Trail to make your way to Churchill Field Park. Along the way, you may encounter moments of delight from Cabinet of Curiosities and others.


5:00-6:30 @ Churchill Field Park

  • Enjoy illuminated games and entertainment. You can also gather around fire pits for s’mores and enjoy hot cocoa and churros.


Help everyone stay active on the Bloomingdale Trail all winter long. Bring new and gently used winter clothes to donate. Look for Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail at Spaulding and Churchill.